2012 RPMs Are in!!!

We just got the 2012 RPMs in at the shop.  They looks super slick.  We took the below vide0 today and immediately took one out for a test spin at the Levee to see what the deal was with the new design.  Check out pricing etc, don’t forget your locals discount.  No one seems to know.  So here it is…straight from the experts:

SLINGSHOT RPM 2012 Kite Demo by XLKites from Vanessa Baumann on Vimeo.

We’ve done a test of the RPM on the water including light wind relaunch and a full deep water self rescue.  The setting on the kite changed and the cut of the kite changed a bit but for the most part it is very similar to the 2011 Slingshot RPM.  The kite performed almost identically to the 2011 RPM in all categories.  We still have the 2011 12m RPMs in stock but only have a few left…all other 2011 RPMs are sold out from us and from Slingshot.

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