2012 Slingshot Z Review and demo

2012 Slingshot Z Review by XLKITES in Houston, Texas

The Crew at XLKITES was able to get a Z kite from slingshot late in 2011 and got to try it out on the water. The kite we got was 9m size and after some playing around we got it dialed in. Even in the 9m size the kite flew great in light winds. The low aspect design of the kite will make it great for beginners as it sits deep in the power window and has lots of grunt for light wind and low end pull. The kite DOES not stall easily like the Slingshot Key had done. They’ve fixed this problem and the kite actually flys great unhooked as you can see in the video where Chris is just flying it on the beach unhooked with no depower put into the kite at all. Chris was able to get up and ride this 9m kite in about 12mph of wind on his skim board and actually make it back up wind. Over all the Z kite should be a nice price point addition to the slingshot line up.

Technical Information:
so they call this Z kite a “Spherical-C” Profile…I don’t know what that means but the kite is cut with a very low aspect shape (wide and short) and a lot of curve to the sail so it will sit back in the window and pull hard even with less wind relative wind. The curve will make it very stable in the air because of the dihedral effect of the lifting surfaces on either side of the main lateral sail. The trailing edge of the kite is scalloped which looks great, and it also came up off the water fairly easily even in the light air. The design has no pullies unlike the Rally and the RPM but other than saving costs this isn’t a big deal as Slingshot pullies don’t fail like other brands. The bar is going to be the Z bar and line set which will be very similar to the Key bar and lines set up. There will be no center bearing like the compstick bar.

And it comes with a great new Blue kite bag!

What Slingshot says about it:
Announcing the first “Spherical-C” Profile. The fresh, versatile design of the Z kite gives consistent pull with controlled power and unmatched versatility. Stable and predictable in virtually all conditions. The Z kite produces huge boosts with good control and effortless relaunch.

The Z kite is loaded with the latest innovative features. However, it’s most important feature is the “plug and play” usability you will experience everyday. This includes features like our industry first pully-less bridle that delivers a direct feel, enhanced responsiveness, and unmatched upwind performance. Additional unique features like our Spherical-C Profile and Axis Wing Tip allow the kite to easily roll up off the water into relaunch. Like our other kites, the Z has been optimized for maximum range to suit all kinds of riding conditions.

BEGINNER / INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED RIDERS Newly introduced kite boarders looking for plug and play convenience while aspiring for stable sessions in the largest variety of conditions.

Z Kite
Z Control Bar
Kite Backpack
Bladder Repair Kit
Quick Start Guide

Kite with confidence. All conditions, all the time.

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