Kite Repair

KITE REPAIR in Houston:
Kite repair can be easy or very difficult depending where the damage
is located on your kite. Most kites come with a some simple repair items such
as sticky sail tape for sail repairs and bladder patches for pin holes and small
bladder holes.

Our full service repair center is at the Texas City store at the address below. We can do ANY kite repair including lead edge tears, massive sail rips, bladder repairs and replacement, valves, etc. Our prices are below for typical repair work. Just follow the instructions below and mail the kite to our center or come on in and drop it off most repairs are completed in 3-6 days for normal service and 1-2 days for expedited service.  Expedited service is $45, all kites should be picked up or shipped to the customer within 2 weeks of repair completion.  There is a minimum $25 repair ticket cost.

houston kiteboarding repair

Houston Kiteboarding repair

To send your kite to us for repair please make sure it is clean and free of sand as it will clog our machines and equipment. Next, package up the kite in the kite bag and ship it to us at the address below via UPS, FedEx or USPS to the following address. Make sure you get insurance on the kite when you send it to us in-case it is lost in transit. In package include a brief description of the problem that needs repairing as well as your contact phone number and return mailing address. An email address is also a good idea.

Mailing address and contact information:

Houston Kiteboarding
524 9th Ave N.
Texas City, TX 77590

For board repair and Hydrofoil Mounting see 

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