Texas City Kite Festival

Texas City Kite Festival

Texas City Kite Festival

When: July 25th with an alternate date of August 1st for weather.
Where: Event will be held at the intersection of Dike Rd and Skyline drive on the Texas City Dike/Levee.
What: Events will include single line kite competition for adults and kids using only homemade kites, a tanker surfing competition, and a kiteboarding hydrofoil race.  Each event will take place in a different location along the dike and levee system but all should be within walking distance.  Spectators are encouraged for all events as well as participants.

kite festival competition

Kite Festival competition

Kite Competition:

Kite Competition Categories:

  1. 50 yard Dash (kids only)
  2. Highest Angle (adults and kids)
  3. Steadiest Flying (adults and kids)
  4. Strongest Pulling (adults and kids)
  5. Smallest (adults and kids)
  6. Most Unusual (adults and kids)
  7. Largest (adults and kids)
  8. Oldest and Youngest Kite flyers (adults and kids)

Kids are 15 years of age and younger adults are 16 years of age and older
Awards will be given out for 1st and 2nd place in each kids and adult category for each event

Everyone and anyone is welcome to compete, there is NO entry fee .  All kites MUST be homemade however, no store bought kites will be allowed in any competition.  A different kite must be used in each category entered except for the 50 yard dash where any homemade kite is allowed.  Registration will be from 11am -1pm in the black slingshot spider tent at the base of the Levee where dike rd. and skyline dr. intersect.

Tanker Surfing Competition

tanker surfing competition

Tanker Surfing Competition:

There will be only a select number of tanker surfing competitors as there will be only one wave set and they will all have to share it between themselves.  To become a competitor email phil@houstonkiteboarding.com.

For Spectators, the best place to view the tanker surfing competition should be between mile 1 and mile 3 on the south side of the dike.  Surfers should pass directly by spectators along these point although it depends how many of them last on the wave.

2015 Liquid Force Hydrofoil

2015 Liquid Force Hydrofoil

Kiteboarding Hydrofoil Race:

Hydrofoiling Race will be held at the old wind surfing launch off of skyline dr. (the Levee).  This is about 1 mile north on Skyline drive.  Spectators will be able to view the riders from anywhere on the levee within the first mile from the dike.  This area is where all of the recreational kites will be setup.  The hydrofoil race will need to be held out in the water a good distance to get a good water depth for competitors.  All kiteboarders with a hydrofoil are welcome to race.

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